Further Adventures in Motorcycling: 1909 - 2009

We may not all go over on the same day but we will have to organise where we are meeting different people. It may be an idea to go up and spend the weekend in Dale and then catch the ferry at midday on Monday.

For 2 people with a standard car it will cost:
£308 going on Sunday August 2nd on the standard ferry at 1430 and returning on Sat 15th August at 0900

If we go on the Monday and come back on the Friday then that price comes down to £278 for the whole journey.

You can have a look at ferry prices on this website, http://www.aferry.co.uk/fishguard-ferry-uk.htm, which seems fairly good. It may be cheaper to go from Pembroke Dock so if need be we could go from there.

We may of course get a group booking discount for all of us so it would be a good idea if we could know the number of people who are going and what vehicles sooner rather than later

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