Further Adventures in Motorcycling: 1909 - 2009

If you do the whole journey from Croydon then the entire distance is some 560 miles and if you believe Google maps could be done in 17 hours. If you read the Motor Cycling article you will see that Grandad and his brother made five stops in; Monmouth, Haverfordwest, Wellington Bridge and Fermoy before reaching Caherdaniel. We could stop at all the places but I imagine that two at the most three stops on the way would be all that was needed. Depending on ferry times we may need to spend a night at Fishguard or maybe Dale and then pick somewhere on the way down to the Ring of Kerry.

  1. Croydon
  2. Maidenhead
  3. Wantage
  4. Birdlip
  5. Cirencester
  6. Gloucester
  7. Monmouth
  8. Abergavenny
  9. Brecon
  10. Llandovery
  11. Haverfordwest
  12. Fishguard
  13. Rosslare
  14. Wexford
  15. Wellington Bridge
  16. Ballyhack
  17. Waterford
  18. Dungarvan
  19. Cappoquin
  20. Fermoy
  21. Cork
  22. Macroom
  23. Kenmare
  24. Caherdaniel

Copyright C Acheson-Crow 2009